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Play Subway Surf and Run for Coins!

Subway Surf Online

Subway Surf is the frantic arcade game in which you are sprinting along a railway track and must survive by dodging trains and bollards. You are a young whipper snapper with plenty of energy to jump over obstacles and hazards. You have a police man on your tail so make sure that keep running!

This running game tests your reactions as obstacles and trains approach you quickly leaving you very little time to react. Avoid collision as this will slow you down and allow the police man to get closer to you and eventually arrest you.

This game can be played on one of the sites, that daily update games. Play here and have much fun with games.


Release Date
August 2018



  • Subway Surf was developed by Nativi Easy Apps.



  • 3D endless running game on train tracks
  • Smooth mouse controls
  • Buyable upgrades
  • Usable power-ups to help you in the game
  • Cool graphics


Web browser



  • Drag left mouse button to left, right, up, and down to move.