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Play 3 Android Games on the Phone or in the Browser!

This article introduces three other Android games that can be played on the phone and in the browser. This games have good graphics and are very popular because are part of the friv category and also a new brand Pais delos Juegos Friv. This brand of friv games contains many more games from almost all existing categories, adding periodically the latest games to entertain everyone.


Dino Survival

The game is in perfect 3D graphics processing. The main task is to do everything in order to get as far as possible and use all the weapons. You are moving in places where there are many dinosaurs. You have a lack of bullets, so try not to shoot them too soon. We believe you can do it, so put it. At first, you find yourself in a warming round, so take all of the options to get you there. It's not easy at all.


  • WASD to move
  • Left click to shot
  • R to reload
  • Space bar to jump
  • Shift to run
  • F to pick item
  • 1 to 9 keys to select weapon


Grand Gang: Crime Island

Grand Gang: Crime Island is an epic open-world game with similarities to the iconic Grand Theft Auto series. You must work to become the most feared crime boss of all time and dominate the island. You can freely explore this vast city and practically do what you want – you can steal vehicles, attack other gangs and smuggle drugs and weapons.

If you want, you can even hijack a helicopter and use its missiles and unleash devastation on your rivals. This game has a huge amount of possibilities and is great fun to play. You can bring out your inner crime lord and be as ruthless as you wish. The graphics are great and the city is fantastic to explore. Lead your gang to victory today and become the number one crime boss!


Mexico Rex

The giant T-Rex's back and he is more powerful than ever. Armed with a machine gun he returns to North America to go on a murderous frenzy through Mexico. Operate the violent dino and smash up buildings, shoot vehicles, eat humans and more. Your goal in Mexico Rex is to tear appart the whole country.


  • Arrows / WAD = Move / Jump
  • Mouse = Attack / Shoot

So, have fun with these games and watch games updates that are weekly only for online game lovers!